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How To Make Lingerie Last

Category: Lingerie tips September 9th, 2011
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How To Make Lingerie Last

Lingerie is a delicate product, especially that made of silk, lace and other such gentle fabrics. Some of that special occasion lingerie or even daily undies can be quite costly so it’s better be a long-term investment. Or at least long enough. How to make lingerie last? There are many factors to it and it often depends on the fabric but these general tips will help you make it last as long as possible:

Wear With Care

Delicate lingerie is easy to damage. Jewelry and long sharp nails can leave stretches, marks, and scratches on your lingerie pieces. So when putting on some delicate pieces be careful with rings, bracelets and nails. It especially concerns the silk, leather and vinyl fabrics. These can be easily scratched and damaged. Lace is easily torn and can tangle in jewelry.

Also when it comes to bras do not wear one bra more than three days in a row. The body or any kind of heat for that matter ruins the elastane in it making it lose its shape very quickly, that’s why it’s not recommended to put in a dryer either.

Read Labels

Always read manufacturers instructions on washing lingerie pieces. Read labels and package before you discard it to know exactly how to treat those undies. Besides reading the labels following the instructions precisely can save time and money.

Wash and Store Properly

Hand wash is the best way of keeping lingerie fresh and clean as well as make it last longer. Machine wash can be harsh on delicate and especially luxurious pieces. Whereas hand wash helps you control the process, prevent tangling and damage to delicate details like lace appliques, charms and whatnot.

Proper storage is as important in lingerie care as proper wash. Lingerie should be stored carefully in an organized lingerie drawer. There are also many tools for lingerie care that will help you make lingerie last longer.


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