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How to look like Adriana Lima: rock your panties like lingerie model

Category: Lingerie tips October 1st, 2010
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How to look like Adriana Lima: rock your panties like lingerie model

Lingerie models have their secrets how to look fab in lingerie. So we decided to pile up some tips for you on How to look like Adriana Lima and rock your panties like a lingerie model. Strict diet and physical exercise are inevitable though as every model is going through this so be prepared to sweat a little.

Typically Adriana Lima practices portion controls when it comes to diet. She only eats salad in the evening not to overload her stomach so she could get a better sleep. She eat meat with veggies for lunch and has muesli for breakfast. Though experts think that limiting salad portions is unreasonable because one doesn’t gain weight from eating salad and our organism needs 25 grams of fiber per day. So don’t be afraid to fall on fresh veggies and fruit.

Adriana Lima also likes sweets and doesn’t like giving up foods.

I tried to give up meat last week, but I only lasted three days. I just couldn’t do it. I love meat, chocolate, and cakes.

Supermodels are people too with their habits and cravings. So when it comes to eating, better give yourself a small portion rather than starve. Remember that starving can lead to serious health problems.

How to look like Adriana Lima: rock your panties like lingerie model

When it comes to workout Lima uses everything from jump rope to boxing. After pregnancy Adriana Lima had to get back in shape pretty quickly so aside from strict diet she sweated up in Aerospace High Performance Center in New York. Watch the video below in which Adriana Lima jumps in the ring with Michael Olajide Jr., Aerospace co-founder and former professional boxer.

Apart from diets and physical training there are some tricks that can help you look like Adriana Lima. Opt for a fresh look, nude makeup with flawless complexion. Read nude makeup step by step guide.

Get tanned. If you haven’t noticed the majority of lingerie models are tanned. It helps them appear even slimmer. So if you want to rock your panties like a lingerie model get evenly tanned.

Get a new hairstyle. Adriana Lima has long hair. It’s of rich brown color with golden highlights. It is also voluminous and includes some waves.

Get radiant skin. Glowing skin will only add points to your attractiveness. When rocking your panties smooth silky skin is exactly what you need no matter what size you are. Be sure to use sunblock even in winter and moisturize your skin especially during cold season.

Perfect fit. If you want to look gorgeous in your lingerie and rock your panties like a lingerie model you should get lingerie that fits you perfectly and this cannot be overemphasized. It should sit on you like a second skin. If you have a small bust get a push-up bra, if you want a smaller waist get a waspie of cincher.

How to look like Adriana Lima: rock your panties like lingerie model

The best part of looking like Adriana Lima is that she is healthily slim. So you don’t have to really go to a skeleton size. Just consider what you eat and how much you eat, find exercise that will keep you enthusiastic and use little tricks like tan and dark-colored lingerie to make you appear slimmer. You think it’s impossible? Nothing is.


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