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How to Get Into Lingerie Industry

Category: Lingerie tips July 29th, 2011
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How to Get Into Lingerie Industry

We’ve given out some tips the other day on how to become a lingerie designer and it’s all pretty clear and simple until you graduate from design school and enter the industry, a highly competitive business. What do you got to do? Where to go and  how to present yourself? Shortly speaking, the main question remains – how to get a job in the lingerie industry? We talked some more straightforward ways to get into the lingerie industry like taking an internship or a job in a large company or opening your own label but there are also other ways to launch your career.

Win a Contest

How to Get Into Lingerie Industry

Such contests as Triumph Inspiration Award not only give you some cash to operate but also get you straight into heart of the lingerie industry with an internship with their international designer team and a chance to sell your work in Triumph stores. So you better watch out for any such opportunity and put your best work into it to win or just get noticed and impress potential employers.

Open Your Own Boutique

How to Get Into Lingerie Industry

Opening your own boutique requires budget, time and a plan. However, with some right promotion and client base you can sell your lingerie exclusively at the boutique you run yourself. This is, of course, a risky project but that’s a sure way to sell your product. However, before opening a boutique you need to build some client base or put your works on display and see if there is a demand for your designs. Here where the Internet might become your best friend.

Create a Website or Online Store

How to Get Into Lingerie Industry

Website is a less expensive investment, yet it requires smart promotion, good content and bright presentation of your product. You can do it yourself through blogging or hire a professional to build your own online store where you can actually sell stuff. For an online store you will need a warehouse from where your product ships out. Networking and using Internet promotional tools wisely can get you into the lingerie industry or at least give you a good start before you expand and grow.

Use Etsy

How to Get Into Lingerie Industry

Etsy is an online store where you can sell and buy anything from jewelry to lingerie. That’s another way to see how your lingerie sells and start your way to the lingerie industry. Etsy also holds lingerie design competition that can get you noticed and help build a name for yourself.

No matter what way you choose, the first thing to do is to learn and research everything about how you can do it. If it’s to open your boutique even an online version requires some consideration, strategy and money. You will also find that running your own business and creating and designing lingerie at the same time can be tough and take much time. So at some stage you will require assistance from other people so be ready to work in a team.



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