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How to flatter narrow shoulders

Category: Lingerie tips October 21st, 2010
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How to flatter narrow shoulders

We have given you the tips on how to flatter broad shoulders now it’s time to learn how to flatter narrow shoulders. If you have narrow shoulders and would like to flatter and boost them a little there are couple of tricks that will give you broader shoulders look.

When choosing T-shirts and other such garments always try your best to find fitting ones otherwise the fabric will hang loose from your shoulders and will look unflattering. It also concerns the robes. Since kimonos as loose-fitting you may find those easier to fit your narrow shoulders plus the flying sleeves will also flatter them.

If you want a broader shoulders look go for shoulder pads in your garments. There are robes with shoulder pads that will do the job in enhancing your shoulders. There are also bras with shoulder pads that can look stylish and sexy.

How to flatter narrow shoulders

As for bra straps try and see which ones make your shoulders look broader. Sometimes spaghetti straps can make a contrast with your shoulders making them appear wide because these straps are thin, other times wide (ruffled) straps can visually boost your shoulders. Experiment and see which ones make your shoulders appear broader.

Light shiny fabrics always do the trick in enhancing things, so you could try wearing garments made of those. Cap and puffy sleeves in your lingerie boleros and robes can be helpful too in making your narrow shoulders appear wider. Avoid U-plunge necks as well as boat and scoop necks. Instead choose bras with square horizontal cut which will broaden your shoulders.

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