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How to flatter broad shoulders

Category: Lingerie tips October 18th, 2010
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How to flatter broad shoulders

Broad shoulders can be your asset or defect, all depends on how you look at them. In any case there are always ways to great fashion solutions that will either distract attention from the flaw you want to hide or flatter the body part that is considered not too attractive. If you don’t like the broad shoulders or would like to find a way to make them more flattering follow our tips on how to flatter broad shoulders.

If you don’t want to attract more attention to your shoulders you should definitely ditch all the shoulder pads in your robes and kimonos if you have ones. They’ll only add volume and attract attention.

Plunging necklines work great with broad shoulders as they make the chest and overall physique appear narrower. Ditch horizontal cut necklines as they will only magnify your shoulders. Thin (spaghetti) straps are not necessarily for small shoulders but they do have a tendency to make the contrast between physique and their size, so experiment with bra straps and decide which ones work better for you, spaghetti straps, medium or wide straps.

Halterneck is a perfect option for broad shoulders as it flatters them in every possible way. It makes your appearance narrower and it flatters broad shoulders. Kimonos are also great at hiding broad shoulders as well as wear with dolman and raglan sleeves.

Accessories such as long necklaces will help keep attention downward and elongate your torso. While wearing lingerie you can wear sheer robe as it will downplay your broad shoulders without giving up the sensuality of your lingerie outfit.

Many women with broad shoulders managed to find their broad shoulders as an asset which they flatter with clothes and show off. So as long as you keep your posture and treat your broad shoulders as an asset you will not have to hide them.


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  1. Steven Horton Says:

    I love women with nice, broad shoulders. ^^

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