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How to Find a Bra with Correct Fit

Category: Lingerie tips March 12th, 2012
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How to Find a Bra with Correct Fit

It was revealed that 85% of women wear bras of the wrong size, which is fraught with serious consequences starting from backache to breast pain. Bras that feel too tight can lead to lymph flow restriction inside the breasts and also can ruin the shape of your clothing. The loose-fitting bras, on the contrary, will feel uncomfortable wearing and won’t provide with intended support.

How to Find a Bra with Correct Fit

So, learn how to choose the bra of the correct size

The first step is finding the band size on the size label, which is represented by the number (for instance 32 in 32C). Then take a tape measure to measure below your breasts. It should lay flat on the skin and cross your back. So, in order to figure your band size you have to add 2-3 inches to that measure (in case your chest measure 34 inches, then your band size is 36 inches). It is essential to measure everything correctly as the band provides from 80 to 90 percent of support of the bra, while only 10 to 20 percent of support is carried by the straps.

The next step is defining your cup measurement. The best method is measuring the fullest part of your breasts with the tape measure. But beforehand make sure your current bra is not flattering your chest. Afterward you may find your cup size by finding the difference between this number and the band size number. For instance, the difference is less than an inch, and then your cup size is AA, if an inch- cup size is A, 2 inches- B, three inches- C, etc.

How to Find a Bra with Correct Fit

These are the general tips of defining your bra size, but there is a common problem both with clothes and with underwear- different manufacturers using different sizing. That’s why it is important to feel with your body the size that fits your breasts correctly and then use this perception when going lingerie shopping.



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