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How to Feel Confident in Lingerie

Category: Lingerie tips January 10th, 2011
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How to Feel Confident in Lingerie

If you feel uncomfortable to be seen in lingerie even before your closest person it can be changed. To get more confident is quite an uneasy task, isn’t it? But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. First of all you have to find the reason for your shyness. Once you know where it stems from it would be easier to eliminate it and learn how to feel confident in lingerie.

Perfect Fit

How to Feel Confident in Lingerie

In order to feel confident in your lingerie it should perfectly fit you. Try it on before the purchase and learn how to highlight and cover up to get a flattering silhouette. Know your right bra and overall sizes.


How to Feel Confident in Lingerie

The atmosphere plays an important role in your state. If it’s relaxed you’ll feel more confident. To create such atmosphere you can use candles, which, by the way only flatter your silhouette hiding flaws; incense, and soft pillows.


How to Feel Confident in Lingerie

Add some lingerie accessories as heels and perfume to your outfit to feel more clothed if you are ashamed of nakedness. Besides heels make your legs looked longer and slimmer and exquisite.


How to Feel Confident in Lingerie

Even if you think that a woman has to have a good deal of meat on her bones it doesn’t mean you don’t have to sculpt that meat to look toned and round or flat where it’s needed. Exercise, eat healthy food as it will improve your skin and your general state.



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