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How to choose the right vintage lingerie

Category: Lingerie tips March 13th, 2012
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vintage lingerie

Retro and vintage lingerie styles are enjoying their long awaited renaissance. With its timeless style, vibrant colors and superior quality, old-fashioned glamour has made a welcome comeback. Retro stars from the silver screen have made an enormous impact on the fashion mind of men and women and it echoes even into the modern times.
Many of us already know that nothing beats that classic vintage design, but how should we pick the best retro style lingerie that will fit our style, body and personality? The present tips are especially written to help you make this choice.


vintage lingerie

If you want to wear the lingerie longer, than you better pick some more basic colors. Black, white, pink or any flesh color will do. If you prefer a more glamour style, then you can go for red or garnet, but you should combine it with models with having more simple cuts and no frills otherwise your style might appear too grotesque and inelegant. For some variety you could also pick hues like khaki pastels, aqua or yellow, depending on your skin tone. Such colors will definitely refresh your view of the vintage genre.


vintage lingerie

Today you have the option of choosing from a wide variety of fabrics. You could pick more rigid materials or more starchy ones depending on the desired variety of movement and control. Some materials could be more lightweight and others could be a little heavier, but surely they will not be as heavy as they were in the good old days. Satins and lace are seen as symbols of femininity and refinement, therefore they should be the first in your list.


vintage lingerie

First thing: you need to be familiar with your own sizes. If you are not sure than there is nothing better than visiting a lingerie store. The salesperson will tell you about your bra size, the depth of your cup, or your waist and hips sizes. If you are sure you know your measure, then you can simply choose the size appropriate to your shapes and forms. Avoid small measures, combining it with the retro designs it would seem a little prominent and believe me it will feel uncomfortable.


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