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How to choose perfectly fit panties

Category: Lingerie tips October 12th, 2010
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How to choose perfect fit panties

Should we say there are tons and tons of panty styles, fabrics and designs to choose from? I think you suspect that. But what we probably should mention is that knowing your panty (not pants) size is important for finding those that fit you perfectly. Follow our tips on how to choose perfectly fit panties and learn how to know your panty size and choose perfectly fit panties.

Wrong-size panties are as unflattering as a wrong-size bra. They also can cause discomfort and painful lines on your hip/waist area. Bulges, chaffing and painful wedgie are the things to avoid with perfectly fit panties.

How to choose perfect fit panties

How to take measurements for waistline panties

If you wear waistline panties take the tape and measure your waist at the hip bone crease. If you don’t see it, try bending to one side. Don’t cinch your waist with tape while measuring as it will go smaller than your real size. The tape should sit not too loose and not too tight. Write down the number and it will mark your panty size. Remember that you cannot choose hipsters (hiphuggers) by your waist size as women’s hips are naturally wider than the waist. Otherwise it will create an unflattering bulge around your mid section and cause painful lines. For high-waist panties measure your waist at its thinnest.

How to choose perfect fit panties

How to take measurements for hipsters (hiphuggers)

To measure your hips properly, wrap the tape around your hips at their fullest. Be sure the tape is straight and parallel to the floor. Again the tape should sit evenly around your hip, not too tight or loose. The size you’ll get will work well for string, bikinis, thongs, hiphuggers and other panties that start at the hips.

What to look for in panties

For comfort and perfect fit look for the following things in the panties before purchase: comfortable crotch made of good fabric and well lined, comfortable elastic waistband, not too tight or loose, if you wear boyshorts the leg band should be comfortable as well. The fabric should be soft, pleasant to the touch and breathing. As natural fabrics are usually soft and breathing they are perfect for everyday wear.


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