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How to buy underwear for him: Women’s buying guide

Category: Lingerie tips, Mens underwear December 9th, 2010
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How to buy underwear for him: Women's buying guide

Many of the women buy underwear for their men. And somehow whether instinctively or just because women get it right. However, not all of us the same and somebody may need some help in order to make a gift or just shop for their significant others. Well, you’ve come to the right place for the tips. This is a women’s buying guide on how to buy underwear for men.

First of all, let’s take a quick look at the styles and there are plenty of those.


How to buy underwear for him: Women's buying guide

Loose boxers are like shorts. There is a space between the fabric and skin so they are considered to be the most comfortable but that varies from man to man as they don’t provide support.

Boxer briefs

How to buy underwear for him: Women's buying guide

Boxer briefs are tight shorts, they provide support and stay fit under the clothes. These are pretty popular among men.


How to buy underwear for him: Women's buying guide

Briefs cover the butt and the front. They are good for everyday use, well-worn with jeans. Can be low-rise and mid-rise. Briefs often have a fly. Fly is a covered opening on the front of the undergarment that was designed to make it easier to go to the bathroom. Those are also can be found in boxer briefs.


How to buy underwear for him: Women's buying guide

Trunks are short shorts that can be tight or loose. Also feature a waistband and look pretty sporty.


How to buy underwear for him: Women's buying guide

Thongs and bikinis and strings have all crawled into men’s underwear. These are usually worn for special cheeky nights. Though thongs are getting more and more popular among men.

Okay, so now you see the difference among styles and we came to preferences. Know your man’s tastes. If her buys underwear from one or two brands. Stick with it. If you want to make him a gift buy some breathable underwear made of soft and natural fabrics of his favorite color. If he’s not against silk then silk it is.

After you find out what he likes and what he wouldn’t wear in his life, get to the sizing. It’s not only for underpants, but also T-shirts and tanks. Here’s a sizing guide, which you can follow together to measure him.

As for fabrics, blends of cotton and spandex always work. However, if you are all for natural go with cotton, not so expensive, but natural and breathable. There is underwear made of soy fiber for eco-friendly wearers.

Seamless underwear is good for sports. Those made of cotton make him stay cool and dry during the training. And microfiber ones stretch for ultimate freedom of motion and perfect fit.

Find a trusted brand that satisfies your man’s tastes and sells good-quality product and stick with it. For cheeky nights there are brands that specialize in fun and flirty underwear for men.


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