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How to buy lingerie online

Category: Lingerie tips October 14th, 2010
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How to buy lingerie online

It’s hard to choose perfectly fit lingerie without trying it on. And perfect fit is important for feeling confident and sexy. So whenever you have a chance go and try the pieces you want to purchase in the shop. However, if you can’t do it keep in mind some tips on how to buy lingerie online.

Stick with one brand or store. When you know the sizing and the fabrics your favorite brand uses for making lingerie it is easier for you to order new pieces online just looking at the size and reading a description. Sticking with one brand will raise the chances that the lingerie you buy will fit you since you know the products and sizing. Shortly speaking, know who are you buying from and stick with one brand.

If you buy lingerie online on a regular basis, or you buy lingerie that is not available in stores in your country, or you like to try new lingerie from different brands make sure the return policy is the first thing you read. If you are satisfied with conditions of return policy you can proceed to browsing the shop.

When you chose the pieces you would want to purchase take a look at size charts. Find your size and read carefully the description and details for every lingerie piece provided by the online shop. The information should include the description of designs, properties and fabrics the lingerie is made of. It should also show, which sizes and colors are in stock.

Do not look at how lingerie fits the model. You buy it for yourself, therefore you should keep in mind your figure shape, size, which designs you should avoid and which will make you look better. Consider in which colors a certain lingerie piece comes, know the colors that will enhance and flatter your skin tone, make you look slimmer or on the other hand, more exuberant.

Some brands provide information about their lingerie care. So you would want to read that to know what are the peculiarities to the particular brand’s lingerie and how to properly wash it and store it.

Only after you’ve done all the research, thinking and chose lingerie you would like to purchase you can actually press checkout/buy. Be sure you chose the size, colors and designs right, typed your address and other details correctly and only then proceed with payment.

These simple tips on how to buy lingerie online will prevent you from buying absolutely random and unfitting lingerie and get your money back in case the piece eventually didn’t fit you as you thought it would.



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