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How to Buy a DD+ Bra

Category: Lingerie tips April 19th, 2012
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If you have a body structure with being larger on the top, there are few things you should consider when buying a new DD+ bra. I bet there were plenty of times you bought a bra, but discover that it looks awful when trying it on at home.

These 5-step plan will help you chose the right bra with good fit and nice look.


How to Buy a DD+ Bra

Proper support is essential for larger cups, especially in moment you start getting into the cup sizes E and F. Comfort and good support are everything you should pay attention to. The under wired bra would be a perfect option.


How to Buy a DD+ Bra

Every woman wants to look attractive and desired regardless her body structure and DD+ styles are offered in many beautiful designs. The times of granny’s full cup bras that give the breasts unnatural look were left in the past. Today there is a big variety of plunge and cleavage enhancing bras.


How to Buy a DD+ Bra

though it sounds absurd, but there are still women that are not able to find the bra of right size. Measure your breasts at least twice a year. The breasts size tend to change during the life, so don’t forget to get sized every 6 months. The bra size could depend on numerous reasons such as weight gaining and loosing, hormone changing, age, fitness and breastfeeding.

Set the Bra Wardrobe

How to Buy a DD+ Bra

It brings a lot of pleasure. Make sure you will be able to find any of these styles in your wardrobe: full cup, sports, plunge, push up and seamfree. Now you are ready to look gorgeous for any situation.

Try It

How to Buy a DD+ Bra

The only way to figure whether bra of certain style suits you is trying it on. So, take a walk to the local department store with lingerie section and try as many styles as possible. Keep in mind that majority of online lingerie stores have free returns, therefore don’t fear of ordering a few different styles. And remember you will surely find the style that would look great on you and allows emphasizing the best features of your body.



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