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How to become a lingerie model

Category: Lingerie tips August 20th, 2010
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How to become a lingerie model

Many girls dream about a modelling career. The glamour of flashes, fashion shows and glam shots can be an attractive side of a model’s career. However, there is another side of it. There is a great competition out there in the fashion industry so one should stand out to become a good lingerie model. These are our tips on how to become a lingerie model.

Age. In order to become a lingerie model one should be of 18 or 21 years old. So make sure what exact age you are required to be in your country or state. Stay away from “agents” and “photographers” who work with underage models as might be something other than lingerie modelling.

Shape. Stay in a good shape, whether with the help of dietician or a trainer. As you can see lingerie models are quite skinny. If you are a plus-size model keep your body in tone. Lingerie models differ from catwalk models as they do not need to be painfully skinny. You can also read our tips on how to look like a lingerie model here.

Portfolio. Portfolio is essential. It represents you, your work, your abilities as a model. So in order to make a good portfolio you should hire a professional photographer. Before going for a photoshoot learn to pose and work with your body, face, expression. This will help you make most of your photoshoot and avoid same multiple shots. Choose only the best shots from the photoshoot.

Modelling agent. Modelling agent is another way to represent yourself. This person will also help you book jobs and collaborate with potential employers. To make it work a modelling agent should be repectable and experienced. Otherwise you can use specific websites to book jobs yourself.

Modelling agency. Modelling agency is a way to maximize your chances in getting the best jobs you can. This is because many designers and companies turn to the modelling agencies in order to find models for their shows or campaigns.

Modeling auditions and open casting calls. Go to as many modelling auditions and open casting calls as you can. This will maximize your chances to stand out and get the jobs you want.

Prepare for a hard work. In order to be a lingerie model one should always be in shape, look her best and be ready to work long hours to get the best shot. Do not be late for auditions, always bring your portfolio with you.

Be cautious and get references for the photographers, modelling agents and agencies and do not let taking any advantage of you. Try not going to the photoshoots alone and inform your close ones about where it will take place and when you will come back. Be professional and be committed to what you do.

More tips and steps for becoming a model read here.


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