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How to Accentuate Curves With Lingerie

Category: Lingerie tips August 22nd, 2011
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How to Accentuate Curves With Lingerie

Do you have the moments when you look in the mirror and like your body and later seeing the same body you find that you are not so fond of it anymore? Well, beside all the nice workouts and diet plans there are such things as lingerie and fit. Some lingerie can actually make you look “chubby” or simply create an unflattering silhouette. There are, of course, tips on how to accentuate your curves right with lingerie so that they looked sexy and smooth.

Ideal Fit

You may not have those muffin tops until you wear those too-tight-too-small panties that dig into your flesh creating bulges that otherwise simply smoothen and get invisible to the eye. By wearing the wrong-size panties you are breaking the natural lines of your curves creating an unflattering and frustrating silhouette.

Flattering Shapes

Choose flattering shapes of bras that flatter your body shape. Try different styles of bras to decide which ones look best. You may find a balconette bra to be quite sexy, plunge and demi bras can also add to the look of your cleavage as long as you are wearing a right-size bra.

Flattering Styles

Know what length looks best on you, when it comes to slips, babydolls and peignoirs. Try on pieces and decide whether or not you need built-in cups or not. If you have big bust then you will need cups for added support otherwise you can get away with wireless cups in such garments as slips and babydolls.

Know What Flatters You Body Shape

Knowing your body shape will ease the shopping since you’re aware what to look for, what fits you and what flatters your body shape.


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