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Defining Plus-Size

Category: Lingerie tips April 21st, 2011
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So there I was surfing the net as usual as I came across several sources that said Alessandra Ambrosio was curvy. Considering that she’s been criticized before for being too thin Ambrosio this is hard to believe. So there is this tendency to call anyone slightly bigger than a skeleton – curvy or even plus-size. What’s healthy and normal then? Let’s define some terms.

It seems that today there are only two sizes left 0 (in some cases double 0) and plus-size. So no matter your actual size, if you do not fall in the first category you inevitably end up in the second one. But plus-size is meant for women with voluptuous curves. Besides, you can hate me for saying this, but there are those who are clinically overweight and obese that fall in one same category as curvaceous ones. You may think it’s not a big deal, but we’ll stick to the fact that it’s not very accurate.

It’s obvious, if you look at the models of 80’s and 90’s that they were curvier than those flaunting the runways today. As the fashion goes forward women bodies shrink so the term plus-size is applied for most of us. But what if you are neither of those things? Medium size is applied to clothing only though many women could be called medium instead of ‘normal’ or healthy because each individual’s BMI (body mass index) is different. Stop abusing the term ‘plus-size’ both ways describing medium women and clinically overweight.



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