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Common mistakes women make when buying bra

Category: Lingerie tips July 4th, 2009
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Many women hate shopping for lingerie because they have to struggle to find underwear that fits right and is comfortable to wear. This post tells you about the most common mistakes ladies make and gives advice on how to avoid those.


So, what do you often do wrong?

  • Wearing the wrong bra size. As we have already told you, about 80% of all women wear the wrong bra size. It usually doesn’t look good and feels uncomfortable to wear. To avoid that you should get measured by an expert and only after that shop for lingerie.


  • Choosing bras that are too small in the hope that it will increase the cleavage. This doesn’t work at all! In fact it just creates a four boob effect. Your breasts spill out of the cups and do look unattractive and you don’t feel comfortable wearing such a bra. To get the better cleavage purchase a plunge bra.

  • Selecting lingerie that doesn’t match your personal style. If you like something it means you feel quite right wearing it. So, if you are fond of soft lacy underwear, opt for it! Nothing will make you feel more confident or happier than wearing your favorite style.


  • Having just one style of bra in the wardrobe. You should own at least five bras of various designs and wear them for different purpose. It is obvious that you just can’t wear only one style all the time. Sometimes you need a strapless bra, then you opt for plunge bra… The list is almost endless. To be prepared for every situation it is better to have a few bras of various styles and colors to go with your multiple-style clothes.
  • Not considering your body shape when choosing lingerie. Being aware of your shape and understanding what looks best on it is essential if you want to make the most of your assets and hide your problem areas. Consider your figure type and on the basis of that knowledge make your choice of a bra.

Hope the awareness of those mistakes and ways to avoid them will help you a lot in choosing the correct lingerie!



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