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Choosing underwear for white clothes

Category: Lingerie tips December 3rd, 2010
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Choosing underwear for white clothes

White clothes can be found in many girls’ and women’s wardrobes. It is can be sheer or opaque so sometimes you can see underwear showing through. When wearing white shirts, pants or other clothes choosing the right underwear is vital for a good polished look.

Do not wear white or colorful underwear with your white clothes if it’s see-through. It looks simply unflattering. Opt for nude skin-colored seamless underwear. Pick it carefully to match your skin tone as much as impossible, then it won’t show through your white clothes.

Choosing underwear for white clothes

Sometimes white doesn’t look as bad under solid white fabrics, but white T-shirt bra will show through anyway. In this case either go with nude bra, which matches your skin tone or make sure your bra is plain and smooth. White lacy bra that shows through your white jersey looks out of tune.

Black and white make a good contrast when worn together. So you can wear a black top beneath your white shirt half-buttoned. In this case opt for black bra.

Choosing underwear for white clothes

Seamless skin-colored underwear that matches your skin tone almost perfectly is the best option for white clothes. Nude pasties under white dress can become a great bra alternative especially if the dress is backless.

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