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Choosing The Right Lingerie Material

Category: Lingerie tips April 7th, 2012
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lingerie materials

Lace, embroidery, tulle, satin, or viscose … there are numerous materials used in the production sexy lingerie. Everything is a matter of taste and achieving the desired effect. Satin and lace are incredibly sexy while  embroidery and tulle will give you some retro spice.

lingerie materials

The materials will also highlight your figure, so be careful when you choose them. Satin tends to stretch a bit with time. Lace and beautiful embroidery might look too tender for your taste. Also you will need to pick the right model so that you could achieve a successful effect and feel good in your sexy underwear. Feel free to mix the materials and combine them in any way you want.



lingerie materials

It is a fully natural fiber. Cotton is a breathable material, it is very resistant and difficult to abrase or wear off.



lingerie materials

This material is special fabric made from knitted mesh. It is usually combined with polyamide and sometimes, though rarely, with viscose.



lingerie materials

The spandex is a synthetic flexible fiber which is used to improve the comfort and adaptability of the underwear. It is extremely flexible, easy to clean and it always maintains its original shape.



lingerie materials

This is a slightly stretchy fabric, very soft with a slight rill-like structure. Thanks to its elasticity it can perfectly adapt to the body shape providing you full comfort. Initially used only for underwear, the Jersey is now highly coveted for its smoothness and adaptability to the body shape.



lingerie materials

This is the name of a high quality Elastane (or Spandex) designed from the Invista company. It gives the garment an eternal elasticity, optimal adaptation to the body shape and makes it feel perfectly comfortable.



lingerie materials

This is a modern high-tech composite fabric made of polyester and polyamide. The endless fibers are worked one at a time in order to form threads. The rain and wind hardly influence this tissue which makes it strongly resistive to the effects of body sweat.



lingerie materials

Polyester is a completely synthetic chemical fabric. It occurs in different structures and densities, and is usually blended with other fibers. Polyester is especially suitable for sportswear, swimwear, dresses, suits, underwear and neckties or scarves.



lingerie materials

A material totally made from natural fibers. Thanks to its properties it optimizes the air conditioning of the skin. It can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without leaving a trace of moisture on the skin. The silk also acts as a protector against bacteria. It is especially soft and breathable which helps it regulate body temperature.



lingerie materials

This is a fabric produced from a mixture of elastic threads (the most famous of which is Spandex). It is used especially for designs that are meant to adhere to the figure. Stretch fabrics offer high quality ideally combined with great comfort and a lasting body adaptation.



lingerie materials

The viscose fabric is the most “natural” of all fibers. It is produced from regenerated cellulose which is transformed into a light, soft and comfortable material.



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