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Choosing A Bra: A Question Of Health And Comfort

Category: Lingerie tips March 27th, 2012
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choosing a bra
Whether it is the color, the price, the design, or the brand… Certainly we all want to wear sexy and beautiful bras which will lift and enhance our breasts. But! There is much more to that.

choosing a bra
Sometimes you have to leave the look and the fashion aside and focus on more important things, such as the breast health, that should be the priority of every woman.

Preventing having sagging breasts

choosing a bra
With a good bra, breast tissues are stretched and the natural fall is reduced. When you let your breasts hang down, because of not using the proper bra – the fibroblasts, these ultra-sensitive cells that synthesize collagen, produce more skin which contributes to the fall of the breasts.

Get rid of old bras

choosing a bra
If the straps are too loose, the fabric has stretched too far and has lost its elastic strength, then it’s time to get rid of the old bra. Break your piggy bank and invest in a good quality bra, you’ll make a great favor to your breasts.

When you exercise

choosing a bra
Exercise increases the movement of the breasts. The more intense and sharp exercise it, the greater is the likelihood of injuring your breast tissue.

Dri-Fit Bra

choosing a bra
You should separate your bras into two categories: those for exercising and those for everyday use. The bra for exercising should be more comfortable than the latter so that it will offer you support without limiting your movements.

There are bras especially designer for doing sports and exercises, the dri-fit bras. They dissipates the moisture in your skin, keeping it cool and comfortable.

Lactating breasts

choosing a bra
Now that the hot summer is approaching, I recommend forgetting about those synthetic fabric bras that you like so much, or at least wear them on very special occasion. They make your lovely boobies sweat! If you are breastfeeding, you even have a bigger reason to forget about the synthetic bras, because when the skin is too wet or too dry your nipple gets irritated.

Clean bras

choosing a bra
Do not throw your bras into the washer and then in the dryer. After this you will wonder why they get ruined so fast. The best way to extend the life of the bra is to wash it by hands with soap and drying it on the string. This is especially important if your bras have lace and tiny embellishments.


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