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Bigger butt without enhancement surgery

Category: Lingerie tips August 20th, 2010
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Bigger butt without enhancement surgery

Big butt is always in just like big breasts. But does it mean that you can’t have a big butt wihtout an enhancement surgery? No there are plenty of less radical ways to make one’s butt look bigger without a surgery. Are annoyed by the problem with your butt being too small or too flat? You would like to look your best in a sexy lingerie? Then read our tips on making small but look bigger without the enhancement surgery.

Food and Physical Exersice. Sometimes a problem looks tougher than it is. If you are too skinny, try eating more to gain weight and get curvier shapes. Not only your butt, but your breasts can become bigger if you put on some extra pounds. If you are sure that your weight is not a problem then go to fitness club. Get a program and exercise to make your butt appear bigger. Your trainer might recommend you eat certain foods to boost your butt size.

Bigger butt without enhancement surgery

Choosing lingerie. When it comes to lingerie choose panties with ruffles. The more ruffles, bows, embellishment – the better. Get yourself couple of shiny ruffled panties as they are very sexy and will make your butt appear bigger because of the multiple layers of ruffles around the bottom. You may also add some tightening basque to your upper body part to make the lower part appear wider.

You may also opt for short babydolls, which end at or just above your butt with the rich embellishment at the hemline. This will also help make small butt appear bigger without enhancement surgery or exercise. Choose light colors and shiny fabrics to help you create a bigger-butt effect. To balance out your figure try combining dark colors in the upper part with light colors at the bottom. Big patterns and horizontal lines are also recommended. Try thongs as they are tiny compared to your butt thus making it look bigger.

Stay away from suspender belts worn on your waist as they may accentuate your flat butt. Instead opt for not skirted embelished garter belts that sit on your hips or a waspie with suspender straps. Waspie will make your waist look thinner and butt bigger.

Girdle panties can also help in case you have a small butt. They lift up the buttocks making your butt look a bit fuller. Though be careful with girdles as they also can smoothen your butt. Classic briefs can also add up to your butt, just find some cute and sexy design. Padded panties can work great under the clothes.

Bigger butt without enhancement surgery

Some disdain this kind of lingerie though because it fakes the appearance of a bigger butt. We have padded bras and plastic surgeries, why then not wear padded panties if they make you feel more confident? Anyway this is your choice to wear those or not.

Posture. Posture is not only about how you should hold your back but it is also about how you are holding the rest of your body. When holding your back straight your butt moves a little backwards making it show. Keeping a bad posture hides your butt by making it move forward. So keep a good posture in order not to hide your butt.


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