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Bad bra alert

Category: Lingerie tips August 24th, 2009
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As we’ve mentioned before, about 80% of all women wear the wrong bra size. As a consequence, a bad bra makes you feel uncomfortable, it looks unflattering and it simply doesn’t feel right.


As experts say, a bad bra can affect your well-being as well.

If you wear a bra with overly-tight straps for quite a long time it can cause permanent indentations in the top of the shoulders.

Besides, if your bra doesn’t fit properly and you feel the underband between your shoulder blades rather than around your ribcage, the tight straps will make you stoop and your breasts will visibly fall forward. Besides ruining the image you also stand all possible chances to get more shoulder and back pain.

This bad bra mistake originates from the assumption that the tighter you get the straps the more uplift you give to your bust. Actually, straps only account for 20 percent of bust uplift—the cup and underband do all the rest.


An ill-fitting bra can be the reason for chronic upper back, neck, and shoulder pain. In some instances, it can even contribute to headaches.

If you wear an ill-fitting bra you can also acquire skin abrasions and permanent scars from unfinished seams, itchy material or poorly-designed cups, bands and straps.

When you put on or try on a bra make sure the bra moves with you and doesn’t rub against your chest.

If it does, tighten the underband.

As a bad bra can be the reason for skin abrasions, chronic abrasions can cause infections, especially under-breasts abrasions when we talk about large-busted women.

A way to avoid these bad bra perils? Wear the right bra-size



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