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Are previously tried on bras dangerous?

Category: Lingerie tips August 19th, 2009
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It’s so rare that you come to a lingerie store and find a bra that has never been tried on before. It’s something that can possibly happen but it’s much more likely that you have to try on a bra that has been tried on before.

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How does it feel? Don’t you hear a voice in the back of your head telling you it might be dangerous and you can contract some disease? It’s up to you to decide whether to listen to the voice and run out of the store immediately or stop for a sec and think if trying on bras is really that dangerous as it might sometimes seem.

Let’s check out a couple of trying-on-a-bra myths now.

Myth # 1. If you try on a bra that’s been previously tried on, you can contract a highly contagious skin disease.
That’s a complete myth. It’s so unlikely that a virus survives on the bra surface. Anyway, if you’re still very hyper-sensitive about skin diseases you can cover your nipples with surgical tape to avoid any possible contact with the fabric.
Myth # 2. You can grow allergic to skin lotion, etc of the person who’s tried on the bra before you
You can take a deep breath and relax. Most cosmetics are not going to linger on the bra long enough for it to be a problem.
Anyway, when you get the bra home, be sure to wash it before wearing it. This is the best step you can take towards making the bra safe and comfortable for you to wear.
However, buying a bra is not always a stress-free venture. Make sure you’re carful enough when buying a bra. We don’t mean things that might affect your health, it’s more about your comfort.
When you buy a bra that’s been obviously tried on before, make sure it’s not damaged or stretched. If the bra was too small for a woman who’s previously tried it on, there can be some stretching, indeed. However, if you shop for cheap bras then the fabric they’re made of is not always high-quality and stretching, unfortunately, might be the soon-to-be-acquired-effect anyway.

Shopping in lingerie stores that sell high-quality bras and provide high-quality shop assistance can be a reasonable way out.

Lingerie stores that see their public image as one of the marketing priorities will never let damaged, stretched, abused or stained bras on their racks.

Besides, when we talk about comfort, we think about choosing the perfect size bra. Good shop assistant will always help you and try to make sure all your demands are met.



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