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8 steps to proper bra drawer management

Category: Lingerie tips July 27th, 2009
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It’s a usual thing that we do not always pay enough attention to buying the right bra.

tips on proper bra drawer management

Women love buying bras, women love lingerie shopping in general, but as all women, we are too emotional and impulsive to make the right choice when we see a beautiful, sexy bra that maybe doesn’t even fit us but we’re desperate to have it in our wardrobe.

Well we persuade ourselves that we’ll get on a diet (or put on weight, in some cases) to wear this bra as soon as possible. Does it often happen as we promise ourselves? You tell me.

tips on proper bra drawer management

So here’s the answer to all the problems. We should treat bras well. We should be able to manage our lingerie drawer to make sure it’s not all about underwear items we don’t wear or don’t need or don’t find fitting and sexy.

Just keep it in mind that the ill-fitting bra leads to back problems, your clothes not looking good on you, and even increases risk for breast cancer.

Here are some tips for proper bra drawer management:
1. Know your real bra size
Make sure you buy the size that truly fits you well. Don’t flatter yourself, don’t buy bras in advance hoping that your body will change.

2. Get rid of any bra you are not going to wear

3. Every now and then replace your old bras with new bras

If your favorite bra shows signs of wear, forget how much you love it and discard it. Besides, your body shape, your weight may change from time to time so you need to have new bras to fit your new body.

4. Never wear one and the same bra for more than three days in the row

5. Keep some 10 daily bras and 2-3 special occasion bras in your wardrobe

6. Hand wash your bras. If not, use laundry bags and fasten all hooks if machine washing is used. Make sure you don’t fold your cups in one another.

tips on proper bra drawer management

7. Hang your bra to dry. Dryers usually shorten the life of a bra (hope new generation bra dryers will change the situation for the better)

8. Know exactly how many bras and bra styles you have to make sure the next time you go lingerie shopping you buy exactly what you need.



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