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8 Lingerie facts every woman should know

Category: Hot spot, Lingerie tips November 16th, 2010
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8 Lingerie facts every woman should know

There are certain things to keep in mind when buying/choosing lingerie. They will help you to make the most of your budget and purchase. Lingerie can make you look and feel fantabulous as well as ridiculous, so be careful and learn some facts that will help you avoid bad purchases and make you look gorgeous.

Lingerie fact #1

Size and fit. You can’t and will not look good in an underwear that is too big, small or just doesn’t suit your body type. Know your body type. Learn how to highlight and cover up. Any bust will look good in perfectly fit bra as will any butt in the right panties.

Lingerie fact #2

When buying lingerie don’t look at the models. Their photos are heavily retouched and they all have different body types. Again, and it can’t be emphasized enough – know your body type. Do not rush buying everything that looks good on Candice or Adriana. Try on the piece before buying it, make sure it fits and suits you.

Lingerie fact #3

Want to look great like a model? Ditch those bad eating behaviors and start working out like a model. Get that body toned, fit or at least professionally tanned. Even everyday 20-minute workout will help your muscles stay toned and good eating habits won’t load you with pounds.

Lingerie fact #4

Try new things. They don’t have to be super expensive, ultra-sexy and uncomfortable. There are so many different labels that specialize in different kinds of lingerie. Girly, sensual, innovative, so on and so on. The prices range from super small to super high, so anyone can find something within their budget. Look at the quality when buying lingerie though. Seams should be subtle and straight in order not to irritate your skin or dig in it. Natural fabrics allow your skin breathe but some inexpensive synthetic blends can be good too.

Lingerie fact #5

Lingerie care is essential. You don’t want to spend and spend money on lingerie even not the most expensive one. Lingerie is an investment, so store it properly and wash it according to the manufacturer’s instructions or use our tips to lingerie care.

Lingerie fact #6

What to do with an old lingerie? Replace it, recycle, donate. Yeah, you heard it right. Some lingerie labels take the initiative in recycling old bras like Intimissimi, others gather old bras to send to less fortunate countries where women are in need of such basic things as bras. When your lingerie gets all worn-out and old replace with new stuff.

Lingerie fact #7

Want to enjoy the show instead of putting out one? Don’t get embarrassed talking your partner into some love game. Ask him what he likes to wear or would want to but never dared. You two might have some fun.

Lingerie fact #8

Don’t underestimate details and accessories. Lace gloves, latex stockings or beads as substitute for the top wear. It all adds savor to your look.


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