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7 tips on choosing bridal lingerie

Category: Bridal lingerie, Lingerie tips June 24th, 2009
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It goes without saying wedding day is one of the most important days in every girl’s life. So to make it unforgettable, happy and beautiful you need to keep several things in mind. Lingerie is one of them.

wedding day lingerie tips

Choosing the perfectly fitting and comfortable lingerie gets to be one of the bride’s shopping priorities.

To make sure you get the right lingerie, follow these easy tips and you won’t be disappointed:

1. Choose you dress before buying lingerie. When you get your dress and you know its design, fabric(s) it’s made of, its color and style it saves you from mindlessly wandering among lingerie shelves not knowing what to choose and what lingerie set to prefer.

2. Choose the right color.

3. Make sure your lingerie meets the following requirements: bust support, invisible panty/bra lines and shaping.

4. Make sure your bra keeps you comfortable during dining, dancing and posing. Make sure your bra suits your wedding dress design. And remember, the bra should not necessarily be as embroidered and decorated as your dress. Try your bra on with the dress to see if you feel comfortable. To make sure your bra is not seen from under your dress you can stitch the edge of the bra to the dress in a couple of places.

bridal ingerie tips

5. Try to buy seamless panties/ hosiery. Just like with the bra, make sure they offer comfort rather than simply sex appeal. If your gown has a very slinky cut, or is made of transparent fabric you should wear pantyhose with built in underwear. You don’t have to wear thong, if you don’t like thong. You can opt for seamless boyshorts, for example.

6. When necessary, use slimmer. Use fabrics like Spandex or Lycra and be sure the slimmer fits you well and is not too tight. When necessary use slimmers that go all the way to your bust line or down to your calf.

bridal lingerie

7. Before the wedding day choose what you feel more comfortable in, in pantyhose or garter belt. If the garter belt is inexpensive it can simply slide down under the pressure of the hose. So make sure it’s tight. If you can’t afford a good quality garter belt, better go for pantyhose.


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