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6 signs you are wearing a wrong size bra

Category: Lingerie tips August 31st, 2010
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6 signs you are wearing a wrong size bra
Wrong size bra can cause discomfort, so it is important to know your size. We have already written about how to determine your bra size. There are several signs that can tell you that your bra doesn’t fit well and is wrong size. Use these tips on 6 signs you are wearing a wrong size bra to avoid discomfort, but also know your size to make it easier for you to choose lingerie for yourself.

The riding back. If the back of your bra is riding up it means the back is too big and rides up because of the weight of your breasts. Try going down a size.

Shoulder straps dig in. The shoulder straps dig in your flesh, try another bra with wider straps or get smaller or bigger cup size. If the back is too big then go down one size.

Falling out of the cup. If the cup is too small it may cause your breasts spill out of the cups and your underarms skin bulge at the sides. Try choosing a bra that is one size bigger in cups.

Puckering cups. Otherwise if the cups have wrinkles on them it means the cup size is too big and you should try the smaller cup size. Note that if the cup is wrinkling only in the middle it may be because it is too small and your breasts can’t fit in. In this case try a bigger cup size.

The front wires stand away. If the front wires between your breasts stand away so you can place two or three fingers between it and your body then your bra is too small. The cup size is too small for your breasts as they push the wires out.

Bra follows the arms. If you lift your arms and your breasts spill out then either your back size is too big and/or your cup size is too small. Go down or up a size in either case.



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