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2011 Lingerie Trends

Category: Lingerie tips December 29th, 2010
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2011 Lingerie Trends

2011 is not so far away. And the fashion world looks far forward setting the spring /summer 2011 trends. Being a part of the fashion industry lingerie has its own trends so all the fashionistas out there prepare to take notes on 2011 lingerie trends.

As we already mentioned before, the feminine charm will be the key lingerie trend in 2011. Romantic pastels and brights, intricate detailing and lightweight fabrics are waiting for you next season. Also vintage designs will be ‘in’.

2011 Lingerie Trends


As we mentioned, color will be all over 2011 season. Black, white and nude colors will step a little back giving the room for pink tints, coral red, teal, sapphire, lavender, turquoise, mint green, yellows, and aqua.

2011 Lingerie Trends


2011 will be more silk. Pure silk and other silk blends will accentuate the femininity of styles and light seasonal vibe. What can be more beautiful than a natural breathing fabric against your skin?

2011 Lingerie Trends


2011 lingerie trends include camisoles, teddies, bodices, djellabahs, and caftans as well as dry knit. The shapes will combine ethnic aesthetics with modern and creative style. As well as there will be thongs, bikinis,G-strings, and boxer shorts for more revealing looks.

2011 Lingerie Trends


The modern prints will clash with romantic trend featuring graphics,transfer prints, geometrical accents, metal accents  as well as animal prints, Berber stripes, lace, ikats,and bondage accents.

So as you see animal prints won’t go anywhere, as well as there will be many other interesting details and designs as not all lingerie labels work by the fashion lingerie trends.


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