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Warm Winter Nightwear

Category: Lingerie shop October 11th, 2011
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Staying warm at night during the cold autumn and winter months is essential for getting a good night’s sleep. Many people don’t realise how much inappropriate temperatures can disrupt your sleeping patterns, even if you don’t notice that it’s happening.

Although you may actually be asleep and therefore not physically notice your body becoming too cold or too warm, these factors can stop you from entering full REM sleep. This is what you need at least five or six hours of every night to be healthy and alert the next day, and temperature is one of the factors that can affect it. This is why sometimes you may wake up feeling tired and unwell, even though you’re sure you’ve slept for at least eight to ten hours – not enough of them were the recuperating sleep your body really needs.


One of the ways to ensure that you stay warm enough throughout the winter months is by thinking carefully about the clothes you wear to bed. If you’re wearing thin, small items of clothing, you are logically going to be cold. However, swapping to heavy, thick nightwear may keep you warmer, but it will also inhibit your movement in your sleep and make you uncomfortable in another sense. This is why you need to invest in nightwear that is both warm and comfortable, allowing you to keep cool but to move freely whilst you are sleeping. This way genuine REM sleep can be fully achieved.


The collection of women’s nightwear online at includes some great examples of the perfect piece of clothing to achieve these two goals – the sleep shirt. This is a loose, baggy shirt, often in the style of a t-shirt or work shirt. Its size allows you to move around and feel comfortable, whilst the fabric keeps your body cosy. For winter a long-sleeved shirt is probably best. Browse the Ellos range for a shirt that suits you.


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