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Swimwear for Goddess

Category: Lingerie shop May 3rd, 2012
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Lingerie label Fred & Ginger branches out into swimwear for Spring/Summer 2012 with a collection named Midas Touch. This collection includes four one-pieces and three bikinis inspired by ancient deities. These sexy costumes are made from glittering stretch mesh and shimmering olive and charcoal Lycra. This is F&G’s first effort to create a swimwear line to complement its luxurious lingerie styles, and it draws its inspirations from a variety of both mortal and celestial figures. It’s meant to reference the decadence of King Midas as well as the glamour and elegance embodied by Elizabeth Taylor in the film epic Cleopatra.

Lingerie brand Fred & Ginger has announced the launch of its first swimwear collection, Midas Touch, for Spring/Summer 2012.

In terms of mythological inspirations, F&G offers three suits named after Greek deities – Apollo, Aphrodite, Athena, three more named for their Roman counterparts – Aurora, Juno, Venus and one, Freya, named for the Norse goddess of love and fertility.

Midas Touch collection can be find for sale on F&G’s webshop.


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