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Saudi women learn to sell lingerie

Category: Lingerie shop July 28th, 2009
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It’s a breakthrough decision for such a rules-strict country as Saudi Arabia.

saud women sell lingerie

Saudi women say they’ve had enough of buying bras from salesmen and began the first ever course of lingerie salewomen. In ten days 26 women will be able to sell underwear in shopping malls.

Prior to the course launch, Saudi women organized protests against male lingerie shop assistants.
After the course many women revealed they had learn a lot of new things about lingerie and how to use and choose it.
“It was a wonderful experience. But the thing which sent me into a state of shock was the bra sizes. Before the course we did not know how to measure,” one of the participants said.

According to Arab website Elaph, the course instructors’ main problem was how to help women overcome the embarrassment regarding fitting the bra’s size to customers and presenting the store’s lingerie items in an attractive manner.

This is not the first attempt to let women into shopping malls as saleswomen and not merely as customers. In 2006 the law prohibited men from selling women’s underwear.

But due to some religious aspects, the law was shelved as shopping malls were places where men and women spent time together and it was not good for a Muslim woman to work in such a place.

So far, most of stores in Saudi Arabia employ men, safe for the limited number of “women’s only” malls that have saleswomen.



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