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Yamamay Lingerie 2011 Christmas Collection

Category: Lingerie news November 30th, 2011
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Christmas is coming very soon. Day after day Christmas spirit starts to present everywhere, shop windows and facades are decorated with illuminations on different taste, Christmas decorations and various accessories that are related to Christmas. Lingerie brands usually try to launch special collections dedicated to this very special holiday and Yamamay brand didn’t stand aside.

Yamamay Lingerie 2011 Christmas Collection

Brand designers chose red as a main color of the entire collection, but they were not totally keeping to it. Yamamay Christmas lingerie sets were also performed in pink, blue and black colors. The new design is nice, sexy and elegant just as usual.

The entire collection is very playful and reminds of Christmas as a very fun and light holiday. The sparkling bright pink and blue background on photoshoots add even more cheer and fun. Lingerie pieces themselves are decorated with coquette frills, glitter and even with layered mini skirt. Yamamay also proposes some interesting combinations of different colors like pink and black, which looks very sexy and piquant.


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