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Wonderbra set the first New 3D Ad Billboard ever

Category: Lingerie news September 15th, 2010
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Wonderbra set the first New 3D Ad Billboard ever
Wonderbra has set the first 3D Ad Billboard ever displaying Brazilian model Sabraine Banado in Full Effect bra. The billboard is located near Waterloo station in London. One can only imagine how such ad will impact Wonderbra’s lingerie sales.

To experience this 3D Ad Billboard beauty to the fullest you’ll need a pair of 3-D color-filter glasses, which Wonderbra will be distributing through newspapers. Isn’t that cool? Distracting for motorists though. Mike Penning, Britain’s Minister of Road Safety cites The Highway Code referring to that the road demands motorists’ full concentration at all times.

The effect of Wonderbra’s New 3D Ad Billboard is disputable since not everyone has a pair of 3-D specs at hand. Anyway we’ll see if the idea will go mainstream.


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