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“Wings Of Angels” Calendar 2012 by Secrets In Lace

Category: Lingerie news December 1st, 2011
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Still didn’t decide what to get to the elderly male members of your family? New calendar “Wings of Angels” by Secrets In Lace (SIL) can become a great gift for those, who caught the epoch of pin-up being the hottest trend and still consider good old images of Betty Grable- inspired models wearing authentic- looking outfits as the sexiest images ever.

A beautiful calendar is stylized in the style of the WWII epoch illustrating the most memorable images of women of those years: curls, high-waisted panties, cone-shaped bras and of course the most memorable detail- bright red lipstick.

The pin-up style goes back to the time of WWII with its deep memories for aviation buffs with Betty Grable posters in their lockers. This romantic image of wartime became an entire artistic genre which is extremely popular nowadays.

For creating this authentic-looking collector’s edition of calendar 2012, the company partnered with famous pin-up photographer Michael Malak in order to feature models wearing SIL lingerie in front of vintage WWII aircrafts. It is sold for 19.99$ on the SIL webshop.


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