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Victoria’s Secret Workers Accused in Theft

Two employees of the famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret were arrested and police is seeking for a third one. They are accused in theft of lingerie items from the Palisades Center mall over the last six months.

Category: Lingerie news December 22nd, 2011
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Victoria’s Secret Workers Accused in Theft

Clarkstown police was informed by Victoria’s Secret staff on Monday that during the internal investigation a merchandise theft was revealed from a storage room. It took place over last six months at the Palisades Center mall, New City.

According to police, Shavon Pressley, 22, and Emanuel Jumenez, 24, were arrested on charges of felony. But shortly after they were released pending a January 11, 2011 hearing in Clarkstown Town Court in New City. The third person accused in theft is in the investigation, which is still continuing.

Victoria’s Secret Workers Accused in Theft

Emanuel Jumenez, one of the former VS workers accused in theft, spoke out. He said that the official sum is exaggerated and he only pocketed $800 during six months of thievery. He sold the stolen items on the black market.

Jimenez told The Journal News on Tuesday night:

My heart dropped when I saw that figure on the Internet. They exaggerated a lot, trust me. They must have charged like full price for everything, and doubled the sales tax.”

Victoria’s Secret Workers Accused in Theft

According to Sgt. Bernard Cummings of the Clarkstown police this arrest was the biggest from 4 reported thefts from Victoria’s Secret stores chain since July. VS has been a popular target for theft lately. Maybe that’s due to lingerie pieces compactness along with relatively high value.

Cummings said:

It’s very easy to conceal it, as opposed to walking out of a store with a 50-inch television set. Pocket gum is also small, but what are you going to get for it?”

Victoria’s Secret Workers Accused in Theft

An approximate price for VS bra is $40, but its price on the black market is significantly lower. Jimenez said that for some lingerie pieces he only got a buck:

The most money I ever split between me and the other associate was no more than $150 each, and I never did that more than 10 times.”

Victoria’s Secret Workers Accused in Theft


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  1. T Martin Says:

    I’m just taken aback at how Jimenez tries to downplay his role in the crime and the overall severity of the act. He insists that publicized reports exaggerate the amount stolen, accuses VS of boosting the figures, and attempts to diminish the report by saying he “never … more than 10 times” split te spoils with colleagues. Incredible! Innocence by exaggeration? Is that what how he’s playing this?

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