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Verde Veronica Spring/Summer 2012 Lingerie Collection

Category: Lingerie news March 26th, 2012
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Verde Veronica Spring/Summer 2012 Lingerie Collection

Italian brand of the high-end lingerie Verde Veronica launched a new spring/summer 2012 collection. The main elements of the collection are the transparent lace along with floral prints. Unusual trimming and elegant shapes makes the lingerie pieces appear stunning and graceful. Psychedelic floral patterns, refined lace with sophisticated edges add the touch of luxury and chic.

The designers used mainly transparent fabrics in collection production in order to reach the transparent effect. Soft and extravagant- its soft texture perfectly suits the collection’s grace.

As for the colors, they mainly lay in the pastel color palette such as sky blue, pink, peach, rose, yellow and nude, which makes every lingerie piece look romantic and vibrant. The collection mainly includes the vintage-styled basic sets, baby dolls, body suits, fine pajamas and some loungewear.

Style: Verde Veronica, emphasises a high class seductive, elegant, sophisticated spirit. This is the Verde Veronica ethos; these are the qualities that Verde Veronica wishes to transmit through its delicately designed and crafted lingerie.

Verde Veronica is an Italian lingerie brand, which is widely known for its seductive and elegant style. Lingerie pieces created by this high-end brand are emphasized with the unique Italian style and grace.

Photogallery of Spring/Summer 2012 lingerie collection by Verde Veronica



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