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Triple Boost Bra: Three Cups Sizes Up

Category: Lingerie news August 1st, 2011
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Triple Boost Bra: Three Cups Sizes Up

Debenhams have finished their three-year project of creating an ultimate size boosting bra that will allow you to go three cups sizes up and it’s called Triple Boost Bra. But don’t you worry the developers promise the natural look without the risk of getting cleavage full of padding only. Three years of work were spent to design a new type of bra that would look both natural and serve the function. The big pad in the Triple Boost Bra gives your breasts a side lift and push to create an envious cleavage, while medium foam cushions boost your bust up to three cups sizes.

The demand for bust boosting underwear has increased in the late years as women seek a quick way to enhance their assets for little money, which a bra can provide as opposed to plastic surgery. Sharon Webb, head of lingerie department at Debenhams said:

It wasn’t as simple as putting extra padding into an ordinary bra or revamping a double-cup boost bra. We had to get the materials and the padding just right, or it wouldn’t look natural.

Triple Boost Bra: Three Cups Sizes Up

Triple Boost Bra promises a natural smooth look under the clothes because of its sleek design and special padding. The model Louise Dainton (pic above) said the Triple Boost Bra boosted her bust ‘at least two cup sizes’. Though the change seen in the picture is not that drastic the promised push up effect is visible.

The Debenhams’ innovation is going on sale at £22 threatening to replace the plastic surgery and chicken fillets and further promote sale of push up, padded bras and shapewear. But that only time will show. Meanwhile tell us what do you think about Triple Boost Bra?


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