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Category: Lingerie news November 4th, 2009
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It’s no secret that a famous and easily recognizable face is the key to a successful ad campaign. Big budget lingerie brands are eager to hire most beautiful Hollywood actors and actresses to cover their advertisement campaigns and speak on behalf of the brand. And believe me, it’s money’s worth.

Top 8 actors turned lingerie models

Every year Victoria’s Secret make a fabulous super-expensive bra for the Autumn Lingeire show. Last year Gisele Bundchen was honored to wear a perfect lingerie invention but this year it’s Marisa Miller who’s been chosen for the mission.

Bra worth $3 million


Constant wearing of an ill-fitting bra can cause something more than just discomfort and back and shoulder pains. If you always feel some discomfort and tightness from your bra, or notice little red marks on your skin after taking a bra off, there’s a certain problem and the least you can do to make things right is to buy a well-fitting bra and try to wear a bra as less as possible, especially do not wear a bra to bed.

Why it’s NOT necessary to wear a bra


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