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Super Cool Bra: Dare to Wear Ice Pack Bra?

Category: Lingerie news May 11th, 2012
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Looking for a new way to keep cool this summer? Why not get the Super Cool Bra by Japanese underwear company Triumph Japan. At an event yesterday, models showed off the brand’s new bra, which features cups filled with a gel that can be frozen (don’t worry – the cups remain soft and supple even after they’ve been stored in a freezer). A traditional Japanese wind chime dangles between the cups – which is supposed to give wearers added refreshment.

Japanese brand Triumph Japan presented ice pack Super Cool Bra – bra that can keep your chest cool in summer.

Triumph spokeswoman Yoshiko Masuda told Reuters:

Just the other day, all of Japan’s nuclear reactors shut down. The whole nation, especially the Kansai region, is expected to suffer from a shortfall of electricity. Companies and families now have to deal with higher electricity bills, so we decided on this theme as we felt we had to increase awareness of saving electricity.”

If the cooling pads don’t work, wearers can use a bamboo ladle – to splash water over their body – or a miniature hand fan, which are both located at the side of the bra.

We’re not so sure how this bra would look under a T-shirt. Would you wear it?


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