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Spence Watson is Recognized for Excellence in Lingerie Design

Linda Spence Watson is a lingerie designer and maker for Suspence Designs that was recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in lingerie and clothing designing.

Category: Lingerie news December 13th, 2011
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Linda Spence began the career of a lingerie designer because of her passion for sewing. Spence was looking for a work schedule that would allow her to stay home with children, so she decided to start making her own lingerie.

Spence Watson is Recognized for Excellence in Lingerie Design

Linda Spence is an owner and a designer in one face for Suspense Designs. She has a 24- year experience in the sewing industry and by the way she is a self taught artist. The Suspense lingerie collections are inspired by the wonderful Victorian era; all of the lingerie pieces are charming owing to their handmade touch. Suspence lingerie is designed in order to meet the tastes of women who value comfort, romance and femininity.

Linda manages to pay attention to details choosing and fabrics quality, that’s probably due to her sewing background. But the most important part about Linda’s work is the excitement about the products and services she offers to customers. Suspense is a member of the Canadian West Coast lingerie design and manufacturing industry.

Linda attributes her success to her own ambitions, consistent work and a great desire to be self- employed. Her daily responsibilities consist of designing, drawing, manufacturing and marketing. Linda is looking forward developing a larger scale of products and employ women that prefer to work at home in order to dedicate more time to their families.


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