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Scientific Method of Figuring Your Bra Size

Category: Lingerie news June 1st, 2012
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Scientific Method of Figuring Your Bra Size

Finding the bra with a perfect fit is always a dilemma since there is no an established widely spread sizing system that all the manufacturers would follow. So, the two former Microsoft employees united for establishing the True&Co.- the online fitting room that helps the customers find the perfectly fitting bra using the unique scientific algorithm.

The exclusive method, developed by Michelle Lam and Aarthi Ramamurthy, applies the information given by the customer in the questionnaire where she states her shape and the type of preferred bra. After receiving the answers on the range of questions, the algorithm provides you with the list of potentially good fitting bras.

Scientific Method of Figuring Your Bra Size

Michelle Lam told the New York Daily News about her own experience of lingerie shopping:

I was trying on 20 different bras looking for a strapless bra for an occasion, and literally only one worked. The question that came to my mind was, why did it take 20 bras and did that measuring tape thing they did for me even matter?”

Having the background in e-commerce along with Aarthi Ramamurthy’s experience in development, the two women started the research on finding the method that will assist women in choosing a bra. So, finally, they came up with the code that was based on the unspoken rules of the world’s top lingerie experts.

Liz Clinkenbeard, the media relations spokesperson for Tru&Co., told the MailOnline:

Every time a woman uses True, the algorithm gets smarter about fitting her unique shape, as it is able to integrate her feedback about which bras fit and why, and make even better recommendations for her personal bra shop.”

Scientific Method of Figuring Your Bra Size

However, customer of True&Co have the opportunity to try the bras at home. Women can have 3 bras they chose to be delivered along with 2 adviced by the True&Co. By the way, all the bras cost 45$ regardless the brands like Calvin Klein and Natori.

The Tru&Co customer shared her impressions:
It was a revelation. [The bra] fits like a second skin – like someone custom-tailored it for me. I’ve never had that happen in my life.”

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