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PETA activists Strip Down to Lingerie

People wearing nothing but white lingerie pieces and angels wings attracted people’s attention outside the shopping mall in Vancouver. It appeared that these were the PETA animal-rights activists who were protested against fur and leather.

Category: Lingerie news December 28th, 2011
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PETA activists Strip Down to Lingerie

The two almost naked protesters of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals waved to traffic and talked to passerby outside Pacific Center in Vancouver on December 27 at noon. They were mainly talking about the harm animals endure when being killed for their fur or skin.

One of the demonstrators, Emily Lavender, tried to encourage people avoid buying fur, leather, wool and exotic animal skins during the fussy Boxing Week and beyond. The 23-year-old Lavender said that in order to get animals’ fur or skin, they are skinned alive, electrocuted and drowned.

Lavender told the Straight :

We have extensive undercover investigation footage into all of these industries. People can view them for themselves online at And we really encourage people to go there and watch it for themselves.”

Young protester suggested people to buy faux fur, synthetic leather or other alternative fabrics instead:

You can get a heavenly look without sending any animals to the Pearly Gates,” she said.”


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