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Panties With Diamond – Would you?

Category: Lingerie news October 21st, 2011
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They say investing into jewelry is a wise decision but what if you invest in jewelry which is not the ‘usual’ jewelry? For example, if you buy panties with a diamond or shoelaces made of gold. Is it really that wise?

Wise or not, designers create such pieces from time to time and they hope that we would value those. British lingerie design house Nichole de Carle – who is a favorite brand of stars like Nicole Scherzinger and Cheryl Cole – has designed a pair of ivory silk knickers featuring a 0.10ct brilliant cut diamond set in a solid silver charm.

The luxurious lingerie item, which is to go on sale exclusively at Selfridges in November, is pricey enough. It costs a staggering $ 367 (£232). But experts say the item can be in demand as people try to invest into jewelry much nowadays. Besides, women like to have unique things.

So, my question to you: would you go for a pair of these knickers?


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One Response to “Panties With Diamond – Would you?”
  1. Anna Lynch Says:

    Yes I would, yes it might be a bit pricey but these are a great investment. Money is no longer a dead cert investment, diamonds, gold and other precious metals are a much more secure investment to make. Totally agree with this new venture 100%

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