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Our Favorite TIA 2011 Lingerie

Category: Lingerie news June 20th, 2011
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Our Favorite TIA 2011 Lingerie

Triumph Inspiration Award is drawing closer to the final as 37 international finalists have been announced and given a photoshoot for their showpieces with a stunning red-head model – Lily Cole. The theme of this year’s award is 125 Years of Celebrating Women that is very special as it honors the Triumph’s 125th year anniversary. All of the contestants did a great job creating unique pieces that reflect their views on celebrating women’s bodies, but today we pick our most favorite showpieces and share them with you.

Perfect Imperfection by Carolina Leone, Argentina

Combining modern and antique elements this piece shows the beauty of body imperfections.

Our Favorite TIA 2011 Lingerie

Elizabethan Goddess by Jayson Araja, Canada

Inspired by Elizabethan Era Canadian designer accentuated the hip line with crinoline.

Our Favorite TIA 2011 Lingerie

Mirror of Beauty by Vladimír Staněk, Czech Republic

Based on symbolism this design combines mystery of mirror and human soul and gentleness of flower.

Our Favorite TIA 2011 Lingerie

Emotion by Trine Engebretsen, Denmark

Inspired with women’s inner world of feelings and emotions this design looks rather futuristic.

Our Favorite TIA 2011 Lingerie

Les Fleurs du Mal by Boglárka Bódis, Hungary

Inspired by the quote from Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal the designer calls to celebrate a woman’s body without looking for imperfections.

Our Favorite TIA 2011 Lingerie

The Edge of Euphoria by Sarah Ryan, Ireland

Combining the elements of rock ‘n’ roll and feminine sensuality this 70s inspired showpiece had our eye the first moment we saw it.

Our Favorite TIA 2011 Lingerie

Infinity by Sharon Ezra, Israel

This piece reflects its name the most and has been inspired by the story of ‘dancer-rebel’ Isadora Duncan.

Our Favorite TIA 2011 Lingerie

Flower Strike by Natalia Stachura, Poland

Another recreation of women’s symbol, flower.

Our Favorite TIA 2011 Lingerie

Le Boudoir by Pedro Jorge, Portugal

Inspired by the looks of Gloria Swanson and 1920s glamour the designer has created an interesting interpretation of such common (lingerie fashion) theme as twenties. Bravo!

Our Favorite TIA 2011 Lingerie

Here you can see the rest of the finalists’ works and also vote for the one that had your eyes and heart. Triumph also offers you an opportunity to win a covered trip for two to Berlin where the Grand Final will be taking place and for 2 to 10th places – a surprise lingerie gift from Triumph.

As for the winners of TIA 2011, the prize for the first place € 15,000 prize and an opportunity to turn the showpiece into commercial lingerie in limited edition, which will be sold in Triumph stores. The second and third place winners will take home €10,000 and €5,000 respectively.



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