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New Ultimo Extreme Cleavage Bra

Category: Lingerie news October 15th, 2010
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New Ultimo Extreme Cleavage Bra

Ultimo has launched a new breast-enhancing bra that adds two cup sizes to your bust and creates uber-sexy cleavage. Incorporating ‘lift technology’ and silicone gel Ultimo OMG plunge bra is said to be a real alternative to breast augmentation surgery.

Dr. Garth Fisher M.D, F.A.C.S, ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover’ star says that Ultimo bra is perfect for those who want to enhance their bust, as it creates a natural look compared to other bras and it not only adds volume and lift but it is able to move like real breasts due to Grade-A silicone contained in the cup. Shortly speaking, it is not just a usual filling as foam or gel, it acts like a real breast tissue, which gives ultimate effect.

New Ultimo Extreme Cleavage Bra

The bra silicone filling shapes around the breasts while the bra itself lifts them up creating cleavage and volume. Silicone imitates the same movements as the real breasts creating ultimately natural look. Michelle Mone, Ultimo director and creator of OMG bra said that the goal was to create a ‘Ferrari’ of all cleavage bras and this goal was achieved. Mone thinks that bra is able to give you the breast you always wanted without any need going under the knife. The cleavage is always ‘in’ and sexy, so in case you are unhappy with your breast size, OMG bra is what you need.

The bra, available in sizes 30-38 A-D  at £24 will appear in Debenhams stores tomorrow as well as is available online in black. white and nude at What do you think? Is New Ultimo Extreme Cleavage Bra a real alternative to plastic surgery?

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