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New Slip-It bra fastener by Coole Solutions

Category: Lingerie news September 16th, 2010
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New Slip-It bra fastener by Coole Solutions
Coole Solutions are offering a new bra fastener called Slip-It. It is promised to have only the pluses of hook and eye but to be more comfortable and easy to fasten and unfasten. Slip-It fastens by one piece of plastic sliping into another. Coole Solutions has received a warm welcoming for their idea from retailers and customers and even got the Invention of the Year Award in 2009 from the Wessex Round Table of Inventors in the UK. Now the company completed the investment deal for further promotion of their invention.

…the Lingerie Industry has largely just accepted that hook and eyes are the only option…The Slip-It fastener is going to change that situation, – Nigel Coole, inventor of Slip-It
& CEO of Coole Solutions.

New Slip-It bra fastener by Coole Solutions
Coole Solutions also noticed that older women especially welcome the Slip-It since it is much easier to fasten and unfasten than hook and eyes and with age it becomes even harder. The research by Coole Solutions showed that most men and women find hook and eyes uncomfortable and they would like to see an easier fastener.

Well, try it and see for yourselves.



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