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Category: Lingerie news, Sexy lingerie November 24th, 2011
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Baci Lingerie Images Angel and Devil

Baci Lingerie brand created a lingerie line that combines the images of soft angel and sexy sharp devil. Elegant and seductive lingerie pieces are fully reflecting the dark and light sides of these heroes. The main colors of Baci Lingerie Collection became typical for this theme white, black and red as well as soft tints of pink and blue.

Besides lingerie performed from mesh, silk and delicate lace, there are also some sexual outright ensembles like a fishnet body stockings. Modeled by Elle Liberachi and Lauren Ridealgh, the photo shoot for Baci lingerie campaign amazes with its interesting idea and the entire arrangement. Images of angel are showcased in luxurious ancient interiors supplemented with snow-white wings, whereas devil images are being shot in places that represent temptation to be a sinner.


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