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New Brand Flirty Thirtys Launches Its First Lingerie Collection

Category: Lingerie news May 14th, 2012
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New Brand Flirty Thirtys Launches Its First Lingerie Collection

The new lingerie brand Flirty Thirtys launched its first collection, which is distinguished with the simple designs, classic styling and fabrics. This collection presents the lingerie items performed in the classic style with adding the touch of glamour and luxury of thirties of the previous age.

The collection was inspired by the 1930’s, which influence is clearly seen in every single piece of the collection, which brought us the retro feel that goes along with the modern twist that was created using the contrast elastic and bow trim.

Collection offers the French knickers and the matching camisoles performed from the soft satin with a bow trim, which fascinate with the simplicity of lines and delicateness. The lingerie pieces are all styled with a bias cut for creating the relaxed fit, comfort and giving the retro touch.

New Brand Flirty Thirtys Launches Its First Lingerie Collection

Flirty Thirtys brand used the high-quality Nottingham lace from a bygone era. Every single item in the collection is hand-made what goes contrary to the affordable price. Purchase yourself a bit of luxury and chic from this Flirty Thirtys limited edition collection.

As for the color gamma, it is quite innocent and soft, predominately beige, antique white and simple black. The sizing range is offered from the very small sizes to the big ones.

Josephine Pitcher, Flirty Thirtys representative, said:

We are proud to say that all of our lingerie is made in Kent, UK and is of the highest quality. We use French seams where we can, and our French knickers and cami-knickers have a comfortable, seamless lined gusset.”


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