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Men Get Impressed By Specific Lingerie

It appears than men and women perceive the same lingerie sets differently. In general, women choose style over complexity, whereas men think differently.

Category: Lingerie news December 27th, 2011
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Men Get Impressed By Specific Lingerie

It was found that over 90% of men go for something saucy, lacy and a bit specific when buying lingerie for their female partners. On the other hand, 85% of women say they would rather prefer something stylish, sophisticated, but at the same time sexy. So, it turns out that two thirds of women are not satisfied with lingerie their partners buy them.

Men Get Impressed By Specific Lingerie

Debenhams unveiled the results of the survey just in time- a day before the final Thursday before Christmas, which was expected to be the busiest day for lingerie shopping. This day is called Knickerbocker Thursday by the department stores as it is usually seen masses of male shoppers hitting the stores in the very last minute searching for the perfect lingerie set for their partner.

Men Get Impressed By Specific Lingerie

Michelle Dowdall, Debenhams spokesperson explains:

For many men, Christmas is an annual excuse to eat and drink to excess, watch reruns of classic TV in between food comas, and get the woman in their life some saucy underwear.”

Men Get Impressed By Specific Lingerie

He also added:

Most men head off into stores with the best of intentions, yet when faced with satin, lace, frills and bows, panic and buy the first thing they see, without giving a thought to what the woman in their life would actually like.”

Men Get Impressed By Specific Lingerie

The results of the survey showed that women prefer as a Christmas gift balconette, plunge, long-line and discreetly padded bras and French or midi-style briefs coupled with beautiful elegant stockings and hold-up. As for the colors, women opted lingerie of neutral shades that look very feminine and classical black shades.

Men Get Impressed By Specific Lingerie

Men, in turn, chose basquest, corsets, suspenders and push-up bras supplemented by thongs or bikini briefs. Men also picked fussier styles of lingerie such as lace, frills, mesh, zip and bows fastenings, stockings and suspenders. Men also didn’t show any originality in colors preference: they went for traditional red color, which is considered to be sexy and its variations in hot purple and electric blue.

Men Get Impressed By Specific Lingerie



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