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Luxurious Leather Lingerie from OMD

Category: Lingerie news, Sexy lingerie September 24th, 2010
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Luxurious Leather Lingerie from OMD
OMD stands for Obey My Demand. Kinky, isn’t it? Those of you leather-lovers will be thrilled to see OMD‘s debut collection. Made with sophistication and innovative design OMD‘s first collection is just too good to serve only as innerwear.

OMD is specializing in luxurious leather lingerie and bodywear with consideration of female form and innovative modern twist and a touch of masculinity. Using finest leather, silk and chiffon, OMD creates truly stylish lingerie you haven’t yet seen. The focus of their debut collection is the contrast and balance between sheer mesh and silk panels and studded leather with metal details and suspenders.

All lingerie from Obey My Demand is handmade and exclusive. It is supposed to stay out of the market to continue providing exclusive lingerie and bodywear. OMD‘s creative director Leanne Brooke has achieved much success and recognition in the fashion industry even before founding Obey My Demand label.

Now ladies, I feel like I’m shaking because all of these beautiful, uber-stylish, sexy pieces has gotten to my mind and won’t go until I get my hands on that lingerie. Stockists are yet to be confirmed and if you are located far from any of them you’ll have to email [email protected] the product name, color and sizing you are requiring.

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Enjoy the photos of Luxurious Leather Lingerie from OMD below.


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