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Love Your Body Day is Today

Category: Lingerie news October 20th, 2010
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Love Your Body Day is Today

Did you know, ladies and gents that Love Your Body Day is today on October, 20, 2010? Yes it is, so this is a chance for you to consider what you love in your body and celebrate it. Love Your Body Day was initiated by NOW, National Organization for Women.

The initiative emerged because advertising and media often promote unhealthy and impossible-to-achieve standards of beauty by featuring skinny models. This creates dissatisfaction in average women and lead to such issues as eating disorders and self-harm in young girls who try to achieve the standards of beauty that are broadcast for them every day.

So today is Love Your Body Day and you can celebrate it in many different ways. Take a bath with candles and oils, get massage, slip into your favorite lingerie and feel beautiful. Throw a party and spend time with your family, anything that will make you feel good.

Even though the campaign is mostly for women Love Your Body Day shouldn’t exclude men as they are also facing the same unimaginable standards of beauty through media and advertisement.

Visit What Can You Do section on and see how you can celebrate your own day. Remind your friends and family by sending Love Your Body Day poster. Discuss the ways of celebrating Love Your Body Day.



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